Staff Overview

Technical Staff Overview

Alan Clark 
Systems Technician and design engineering. He is reliably available 24/7 and has 35 years of electronics experience. He specializes in remote radio site work. His focus is on Public Safety and Private System support. He is trained and certified for Zetron Dispatch Consoles and E9-1-1 Systems installation and support

Jim Wybark
Shop and field technician with 20 years of electronics experience.  His special focus is to install and maintain telco switches, paging terminals, microwave infrastructure, and Wireless IP Networks. He is fully trained to support Public Safety Dispatch electronics and remote site based systems.

Technical expertise has been established in the following areas:

  • Radio system design and engineering
  • Radio site tower and antenna systems
  • Radio site development and maintenance
  • Radio equipment repair
  • Public Safety Dispatch consoles & 9-1-1 Systems
  • Microwave Networks
  • Mobile phone switches and paging terminals
  • Electronic system diagnostics
  • Telco high-speed data circuits
  • VOIP technology
  • Wireless broadband Networks
  • Video electronics

Installation Team

Mike Jacops
Technical support with 20 years of experience

Randy Clark
  Lead installer with 13 years of experience on Commercial and EmergencyVehicle installations.

Danny Clark
Installer with 5 years of experience