Signal Boosters

Ever experience dropped calls on the road, at home or in the office? Tired of slow data rates on your smart phone, tablet, data card or modem? Are you just out of reach from the nearest cell signal?

weBoost cellular signal boosters overcome these problems by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.

As the industry leader, we're also proud of our innovative, patented technology that provides the most transparent operation to protect cell towers by preventing oscillation (feedback) and power overload.

Home 4G

Whether you're streaming movies, checking email or making a call, Home 4G signal booster gives you a stronger, more reliable signal where you need it most.
(Formerly DT 4G 460101)

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Connect 4G

Stay connected whether you’re accessing email, making a call or streaming videos. Connect 4G signal booster gives you the reliable signal you need for uninterrupted connectivity throughout your home or workplace.
(formerly DB Pro 4G 460103)

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Drive 4G-M

Keep a constant connection on the go. Drive 4G-M wirelessly connects every device in your vehicle to a stronger, more reliable signal while helping preserve battery life.
(formerly Mobile 4G 460108)

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Drive 4G-X

Using GPS or making a call, the weBoost Drive 4G-X cellular signal booster provides a stronger signal on the road and a 60% larger service range than other boosters out there.
(formerly MobileMaxx 4G)

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Connect 4G-X

Say hello to reliable cell signal, more consistent data speeds and effortless communication. Connect 4G-X gives you a stronger, more reliable cellular signal to keep you seamlessly connected at home or in the workplace.
(formerly AG Pro 4G 461104)

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